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Yoga nidra is also known as a 'yogic sleep'. This type of practice does not require from student any physical action. Teacher is guiding student through the stages of awakened sleep which gives a lot of benefits. Definitely most relaxing yoga technique which helps to relieve stress.

Vinyasa yoga focuses on being in the present moment. Smooth movements connected with breathing are giving impression of dancing. Slow vinyasa practice is great for beginners.

Yin yoga is a very gentle practice. Great for the end of the day, it slows down the mind and helps to connect with the body. Student stays in one pose longer, which helps to stretch the body and quiet down the mind.

Hatha yoga is one of the most popular yoga types in the western world. Focusing on the physical side of practice, it's a first step to prepare body for sitting in meditation pose for a long time. The exercise sequence can be easily adapted to the student's level. Hatha yoga is recommend for beginners.


Balinese massage is a full-body treatment from Island of the Gods - Bali. It's a great combination of gentle massage with elements of stretching and acupressure. Massage improves blood circulation and gives feeling of relaxation. Aromatic oil calms the senses.

Abhyanga (ayurvedic) massage is a full-body, ayurvedic massage. It has roots in India, helps to restore balance in doshas and gives a lot of benefits. Before massage therapist should take a short interview to choose the best oil and intensity for client. Abhyanga stimulates immune system, regulate skin health, blood circulation and much more.  Abhyanga requires oil use.

Lomi lomi is well known, relaxing massage from Hawaii. Smooth, long moves help to relax body and mind. To create a good atmosphere, therapist uses candles, peaceful music and aromatic oil. Recommended for everyone who is looking for deep relaxation. No worries if you fall asleep in the meantime :)


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